Blake Griffin Bounce Pass Alley-oop from John Wall (GIF)

The NBA’s Spite Slam Dunk Contest is set to take flight tonight in Los Angeles, and the energy building around this year’s event couldn’t be much more electric.  Not since Vince Carter was chosen to participate in 2000 has there been so much hype surrounding the event, and it is all because of one man…

His name is Blake Griffin.

The Los Angeles Clippers’ super-rookie has taken the league by storm this year, averaging 22.8 points per game and 12.6 rebounds per game, but what has caught the attention of most players, coaches and fans of the league is the style in which Blake has recorded many of those points – with his high flying dunks.

We are hoping the former first-overall selection in the 2009 NBA Draft has more highlight reel dunks in store for us tonight.  He gave us all a little sneak preview during last night’s Rookies vs. Sophomores game, but I have a feeling that his best is yet to come.

Here is a video of last night’s bounce-pass alley-oop from John Wall to Blake Griffin, in case the GIF above was not enough to fully satisfy you.

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