No Brotherly Love Here: Eric Staal Crushes Brother Marc (Video)

While growing up under the same roof in Thunder Bay, Ontario, there were likely several occasions that saw Eric Staal get physical with his younger brother Marc while playing hockey out on the pond.  That is what brothers do.  They dish out punishment on one another, but they do it out of love.

Last night, big brother Eric may have put a little too much love into his hit on Marc when the Carolina Hurricanes and the New York Rangers hooked up in Raleigh, North Carolina.

With his head down, Marc would bear the brunt of a hard check from Eric, which forced him to leave the game after re-aggravating a knee injury he had sustained earlier in the night.  Joni Pitkanen received a hooking penalty on the play.  As for Eric, he would avoid punishment from the officials, but you can bet he had a rather long and unpleasant discussion over the phone with Mother Staal following the game.

Here is a look at the hit.

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