Owl Kicking, Canine Intruding And Sportsmanship FAIL: Three Soccer Videos You Need To See (Videos)

The day is winding down and I am sitting here with three incredible clips of three unusual incidents from three separate soccer matches.  So rather than have you browse through three different posts to see them, why not just stuff them all into a single post?

The first comes from Brazil, where a police dog got tired of watching the action from the sideline and decided to get in on the action. As you would expect, none of the players from Boa or UEC were willing to get between this dog and his toy.

The second clip is from a match in Colombia between Deportivo Pereira and Atletico Juniors, where an owl’s poor decision on a resting spot would prove to be quite costly.  The owl is said to be Athletico’s mascot, and after landing on the field during play, it was struck by the ball during a clearing attempt.  Laying motionless on the pitch, Deportivo’s Luis Moreno thought it would be a good idea to kick the injured owl to “see if it would fly.”  Needless to say, his healing theory would not work out as planned.

And for the third clip we take you to Italy, where an act of sportsmanship by third tier club Gela backfired, resulting in a rather entertaining soccer brawl.  With Gela leading by a goal, a Foggia player went down with an injury.  As is often the case in the game of soccer, Gela kicked the ball out of bounds as an act of courtesy for the fallen Foggia player, but rather than return the ball to Gela, Foggia quickly put the ball back into play and scored the tying goal.  Mayhem would ensure shortly after.

Hat Tips to Buzzfeed, Deadspin and TheScore

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