A Behind-The-Scenes Look At How A Trade Goes Down In The NHL (Video)

Ever wonder what goes on after two National Hockey League teams have agreed on a trade?  We have the answer to that question, thanks to some behind-the-scenes footage that was shot by the NHL Network during Monday’s Trade Deadline Day.

Both of the following clips take place within the office of NHL Associate Counsel Daniel Ages, who oversees all of the league’s trades.  The first video is from a call between the Washington Capitals’ Assistant General Manager Don Fishman and the Florida Panthers’ Assistant GM Michael Santos, regarding the trade that sent Dennis Wideman to the Caps in exchange for Jake Hauswirth and a third-round pick in 2011.

As for the second clip, it comes during a conference call between the Los Angeles Kings’ Vice President of Hockey Operations Jeff Solomon and the Edmonton Oilers’ Assistant GM Rick Olczyk, concerning the trade that sent Dustin Penner to the Kings for Colton Teubert and two draft picks.

Just to sum things up, both teams agree on the trade before contacting Ages at the NHL offices.  Ages then confirms the deal with both teams, gets the specifics on the conditions of the trade, and sorts out any other details that need to be addressed.

Such is the mayhem of Trade Deadline Day in the NHL.

Hat Tip – [Puck Daddy]

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