Rage Against The Machine Melody Makes George Mason’s Band Cool (Video)

One of the greatest misconceptions in college is the notion that all band members are geeks.  Sure, some of those trombone players may not be the coolest, but there is bound to be at least a few nerds scattered somewhere within the hundreds of individuals involved in a University’s band.  It is simply a result of the law of averages.  Heck, there are nerds scattered everywhere.  Even on professional sports teams.

However, the presence of a few nerds in a band does not necessarily mean that all those involved share in their nerdiness.

George Mason’s Green Machine did their best to disprove all theories attaching nerdiness to bands with their Rage Against the Machine melody, which features the song “Killing In The Name,” with a bit of “Bulls On Parade” mixed in at the end.

Check out this must see/hear tune from the talented Green Machine below.

Hat Tip – [DC Sports Bog]

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