Taiwanese Animation Takes On The Ashley Cole Shooting Incident (Video)

So here is how the story goes.  While lurking around the dressing room at Chelsea’s Cobham training ground two Sundays ago, left-back Ashley Cole pulled a .22 caliber air rifle from a box and began fooling around with the dangerous weapon.  Not realizing it was loaded, Cole shot 21-year-old intern Tom Cowan.  The lead pellet struck Tom in the side, penetrating through his clothes and flesh.  He was treated by the team’s medical staff and given a two day rest from his duties, but he was never taken to the hospital and the incident was not reported to police in an effort to keep the story from reaching the public.

That plan failed, as the wound reopened two days later and the media has since grabbed a hold of the story.  As a result, Cole has been fined by the team and the police are now investigating the incident.

If this doesn’t sound all that interesting to you, I’d advise you watch the Taiwanese animated version of the story, which includes a rifle-touting clown, a Matrix-like shooting scene, and a volcanic eruption of blood spewing from the stomach of the wounded intern.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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