A Long-Snapper Has A Trick-Shot Video Too? When Will The Madness End? (Video)

Washington State long snapper Zach Enyeart begins his trick video with the following comment:

“If you thought trick shots overhand are hard, try between your legs.”

I’d rather not Zach.  In fact, I would rather not compose a trick shot video at all!  Is it me, or are these trick shot videos getting rather tiresome?  I was in awe after watching Tomas Jurco dangle a puck on his stick.  I was impressed after watching Johnny McEntee nail a bunch of targets with a football.  But now I am just bored.  After all, how many times can we watch someone deliver a ball into, or through, some round object.

We will give you your moment in the spotlight this time Zach, but let’s hope this marks the end of what has become a rather annoying trick-shot fad.

Hat Tip – [Barstool U]

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