The MMA Cartwheel Kick Is As Amazing As It Sounds (Video)

Those of you who took the time to watch UFC 127 this past Saturday may have found yourself saying “WTF?” after witnessing newcomer Brian Ebersole attempt a cartwheel kick during his bout with Chris Lytle.  As you would expect, the 53-fight veteran Lytle wasn’t fooled by that bit of trickery from Ebersole.  Here’s some evidence.

So why would Ebersole even attempt that kick?  Does a cartwheel kick even work in MMA?  Was he simply trying to take a page out of Anthony Pettis’ book by executing one of the craziest kicks in MMA history?

Actually, it appears as though Ebersole has already accomplished such a feat in a previous bout a few years ago.

Cage Potato was able to obtain footage (below) from a fight between Ebersole and Shannon Forrester in March 2009 at XFC: Return of the Hulk in Perth, Australia.  That may have very well been the moment that the cartwheel kick was introduced to mixed martial arts.  Something tells me Lytle got a hold of that video and was ready for the kick in this bout.  Too bad he wasn’t ready for everything else Ebersole threw his way en route to a unanimous decision victory in his UFC debut.

Here is a look at a perfectly executed cartwheel kick in action.

Hat Tip – [Cage Potato]

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