The VCA Race Is The Craziest Race In The World! (POV Video)

Many consider the Valparaiso Cerro Abajo Downhill race (a.k.a. VCA race) to be one of the craziest races in the world.  Just one look at the video below from a racer’s point of view will likely have you agreeing with such a statement.

Taking place in the streets of Chile, riders compete in time trials as they race along a downhill track that is situated in the city’s streets and contains several rather awkward obstacles, including stairs, dirt paths, wooden ramps, and even a stray dog.  The most recent edition of this race, which took place on Sunday, was won by Filip Polc of MS Evil/Redbull.

As for the video below, it was not taken by the champion, but this guy does deserve some sort of medal for racing down this dangerous track in a pin-stripe suit.  I guess some of these riders are just about as crazy as the track they are racing down.

Check it out!

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