This Is What It Looks Like When An Angry Bull Leaps Into Your Lap (Video)

Here is yet another point-of-view video of a frightening, yet incredible scene.  The first was brought to you via the VCA Race in Chile.  This time we take you to the Old Ford Fire Department Rodeo in Williamston, North Carolina, where Butch Trimnal and his wife looked on from their front row seats.

With his camera rolling, things took a turn for the worse as one of the bulls was suddenly headed straight for the couple.  Seconds later, a scream could be heard, followed by an “Oh man!”  That was when the bull leaped over the five-foot fence and into the front-row, injuring Butch and his wife.

The couple were able to drive themselves to the hospital, and were offered assistance with their medical bills and unlimited tickets to any future events by officials at the venue.  Whether they take them up on such an offer is anyone’s guess, but if they do I can almost guarantee they will ask for their next seats to be a few rows up.

Here is a look at the incident through the eyes of Butch.

Hat Tip – [KVUE]

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