Watch Rashard Lewis Interact With A Drunk Woman (Video)

I’d like to extend a big thumbs up to the Washington Wizards’ Rashard Lewis after watching this clip of him interacting with a drunk woman during his days with the Orlando Magic.  For those of you who are not fluent in drunken gibberish, here is a transcript of this rather interesting discussion:

Lady: “Who’s a better defender? Rondooooo…or ahh…who like who you like to play worst against?”

Lewis: “Rondo? Ron Artest is a better defender than Rondo.”

Lady: “Yeah but who who hurts you the most?”

Lewis: “Who hurts me? Nobody.”

Lady: “Like nah I mean…” [two left elbows]

Lewis: “Jesus! He’s the only one!”

Lady: “Nah, I mean I remember, I remember Larry Bird sayin’ that his worst enemy was, ah, that kid from Detroit, Bill Laimbeer.”

Awkward, yes, but at least the woman knows her NBA history enough to begin spitting out quotes from Larry Bird, despite her incredibly drunken state of mind.

Hat Tip – [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

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