Must See: Muhammad Ali Artwork Made Of Punching Bags (Pics)

When you walk around this giant piece of art work created by Michael Kalish, all you will see are 1,300 punching bags suspended from 2,500 pounds of aluminum piping using 6.5 miles of stainless steel cable.  It may not seem like art at all, until you reach the front of the monument.  That is when you will realize that all those punching bags, aluminum bars and lines of stainless steel cable are aligned perfectly to form a portrait of three-time heavyweight boxing champion, Muhammad Ali.

The giant sculpture, which took Kalish three years to complete, is scheduled to be put on display at LA’s Nokia Plaza in March, and Ali himself is expected to be present at its unveiling to hang the final punching bag.

Unable to put it all together on his own, Kalish acquired the services of architectural firm Oyler Wu to design the aluminum structure.  The rest was up to him and it looks like he delivered a knockout.

Hat Tip – [Wired]

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