Under Ice Hockey Is As Crazy As It Sounds (Video)

I personally enjoy the brand of hockey that is played on top of a sheet of ice, but I guess such a game is not for everyone.  In Austria, it appears as though they would rather play the game from under the ice.  Seems crazy, doesn’t it?  After all, if you thought playing on top of the ice was cold, imagine the frigged temperatures one would encounter while playing the game of hockey in freezing cold water.

The game is said to be a new craze among free divers and extreme sports lovers, as two to three players participate per team in a six-by-eight meter rink situated under a sheet of ice.  The game is played without oxygen, forcing players to retreat to the air hole approximately every 30 seconds for a breather.  As for those players who become too disoriented under the water to find the air hole in time, they are saved by one of the four divers with oxygen tanks that are present to supervise the players during the game.

Much like on-ice hockey, the game consists of three periods, although each period is only ten minutes long, with a ten minute intermission between periods to allow players to warm their bodies.  As for the spectators, they watch the under water action from a screen above the ice.

So does this sound appealing to you yet?  Yeah, me neither.  There is something about being trapped in freezing cold water under a giant sheet of ice that just doesn’t tickle my fancy.  I think I’ll stick to the regular brand of hockey for now.

Hat Tip – [The Daily What]

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