Sharks’ Jason Demers Punches A Linesman In The Face (Video)

When it comes to officiating the game of hockey, some may say that the referees have the toughest job, having each of their calls analyzed and scrutinized by the media and fans who have the luxury of taking a closer look at every play through the use of instant replay.  There is no denying the fact that this makes the referee’s job a difficult one, but oftentimes their duties appear to be a cakewalk when compared to those of their fellow linesmen.

While the referees may be busy sorting out the fighting majors, it is the linesmen that must sacrifice their bodies and faces as they are responsible for stepping in and breaking up such altercations.  Oftentimes, the combatants are aware of the linesman’s presence and refrain from throwing any more punches, but things don’t always work out so smoothly.  Just ask NHL linesman Brian Mach, who was on the receiving end of a Jason Demers punch while attempting to separate him from the Dallas Stars’ Steve Ott on Saturday night.

It was quite the punch from the Sharks’ defenseman, but thankfully Mach had a visor to help him absorb the blow.  Luckily for Demers, he was only assessed a 2-minute penalty for roughing, which seems rather lenient when you consider the fact that Jesse Boulerice was handed a 10-game suspension by the AHL for laying a rather harmless check on a referee earlier this year.

Here is a look at the incident from Saturday night.  Somehow the Sharks came out of this with a powerplay.

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