Playboy Model Tries Naked Drifting (SFW Video)

When it comes to looking good, few do it better than Playboy Playmate Kitty Lee. When it comes to drifting, few do it worse.

The gorgeous Kitty was given the opportunity to drive a $170,000 BMW drift car with racer Mike Essa, and she took it, despite knowing little about how to operate a stick-shift.

Needless to say, she stalled the car the first time out, but it didn’t take her long before she was filling her lungs with tire smoke. Everyone around must have enjoyed the sight of this sexy Playmate jumping out of the car fully nude while choking on the smell of burnt rubber.

Fortunately for those at the office, and unfortunately for those in search of spank bank material, this video is safe for work.

Hat Tip – [AutoBlog]

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