Is Guy Dupuy’s Car-Dunk More Impressive Than Blake Griffin’s? (Video)

We have provided you with some remarkable dunks from Guy Dupuy before.  It appears as though we have another.

While in Poland for the And1 Live Streetball Tour, Guy Dupuy channeled his inner-Blake Griffin and brought out a BMW as a prop for his big dunk of the evening.  With the car parked under the basket, Dupuy leaped over the middle of it, bringing the ball through his legs before dunking it home.

It was an impressive performance for Dupuy, but was it better than Blake Griffin’s dunk over a car?

Tough call.  While some may want to point to the fact that Griffin jumped over the hood, while Dupuy jumped over the roof, I will argue the fact that the BMW was topless, making it a lot like jumping over the hood of a car.  I would, however, give this decision to Dupuy, as he added a little flair to his dunk-over-a-car by bringing the ball through his legs.

…Not to mention the fact that the BMW looks a lot nicer than a Kia Optima.

Hat Tip – [Dime]

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