The 9 Worst Formula 1 Crash Videos

Ahh, motorsports. Rarely do we find ourselves so often rooting for misfortune, then feeling like horrible, horrible people when it happens. Well, I’m here to eliminate the middleman. These crashes have already taken place, so you don’t need to hope for them, which means you don’t need to feel bad about them when you watch them. There may be more intense crashes out there, but I am bringing you the most violent ones I could find with video footage, as I figure a B+ crash with accompanying footage is probably better than an A crash that I’m simply describing to you. Plus, it proves that I didn’t make the whole thing up to impress you. Which in and of itself should impress you. Be impressed, dammit.

9. Grand Prix of Britain – 1973

South African Jody Scheckter spins out after a turn and essentially barricades the straightaway with his car, taking out half the field in the process. Fortunately, no one was hurt. It is fun to imagine what was going through Scheckter’s mind as he sat in the middle of the track, knowing he was going to get t-boned and possibly killed. Fun, right?

8. Grand Prix of Australia – 2002

It was Ralf Schumacher, brother of superstar Michael, who made the headlines in this race, but it wasn’t for coming in first. Rather, it was for taking out 12 cars after running into the rear of another car. Probably didn’t help him find his way out of his brother’s shadow. Thanksgivings at their house must be a bitch. What’s that? They don’t celebrate Thanksgiving? Perfect.

7. Brazillian Grand Prix – 1994

Leave it to a Dutchman to ruin for everyone else. (I have no idea what that means) But it was a Dutchman, Jan Verstappen, who, in trying to pass to catch up with teammate Michael Schumacher, ended up running into another car, and knocking out two others in the process. No fatalities, but still not great news for the four drivers who got their rides totaled.

6. Grand Prix of Italy – 1993

Surprisingly, it would appear that most of these wrecks keep the drivers and cars on the ground, despite the fact that their cars are shaped like damn airplanes. Well, this guy gets airborne. Christian Fitipaldi does a very handsome backfilip and sticks the landing in this one. Enjoy it, because lord knows he didn’t.

5. Canadian Grand Prix – 2007

Even though no other cars were involved, it’s hard to be optimistic when a Formula 1 car hits the barricade at over 200 MPH, ripping its wheels off like so many scrawny limbs. The fact that he lived is a testament to the safety precautions that F1 drivers and officials take, but that doesn’t make it any less terrifying.

4. San Marino Grand Prix – 1989

Looks like Gerard Berger zigged when he should have zagged. Or he drove into the wall when he should have turned. Whatever. He screwed up, is the big takeaway here. He hit the wall going 180 MPH and somehow emerged with only burns on his hands. What the hell? God smiles upon F1 drivers, that’s for sure.

3. Monaco Grand Prix – 2010

You can tell this is authentically European because there is some truly horrible techno music accompanying the crashes, the worst of which appears to happen to a fellow named Barrichello at about 1:50. He gets his front two wheels ripped off, and is left in the raceway like a sitting duck. Fortunately, he emerges unscathed, but the affair makes for a few moments of anxiety while he sits there helpless.

2. British Grand Prix – 2004

Jarno Trulli gets ripped to his cars bare bones in this wreck that started with him just plain running into the wall. He seems to emerge unscathed, but sadly, the same cannot be said about that poor, poor car. 1. Brazilian Grand Prix – 2003

The driver here isn’t specified, but I believe it to be Fernando Alonso, who lost his car in the most violent vortex of destruction on this, a list of violent crashes. The car seems to lose zero speed as it crashes into the wall and spins leaving the driver in a shell of his former car in the raceway. Blink and you’ll miss it, but I’m sure it stays with the driver to this day.

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