9 Awesome Trick-Shot Videos

With the popularity of YouTube and viral videos, athletes have turned to more gimmicky settings. Of course, seeing these displays live is one thing, but on video, who knows what is actually going on. I am not inclined to believe any of these things are rigged, but even I could put together a pretty impressive trick-shot video if you gave me all day and a film editor with half a brain. Consequently, the focus shifts slightly from exactly WHAT these guys are doing to how entertaining they can make it. Skills will get you so far in these reels, but showmanship makes it a classic. Unless you’re a longsnapper. (See below.)

9. The Guys from OK GO

This might not technically fall under the realm of “sports,” but if overweight billiards players and pistol-shooters can make this list, then so can these guys. In what’s essentially the most complicated version of the childhood game “Mousetrap,” this band has crafted a video that is clearly timed to within an inch of its life and would be considered sport if they weren’t middle-aged(ish) hipster indie rockers. As it is, just enjoy and appreciate the trick-shottery. These guys got 25,000,000 YouTube views. Be cynical all you want – it’s impressive.

8. Beer Pong Guys That Look Like They Just Woke Up

In case the previous entry didn’t make it clear, the guys that rock this list aren’t necessarily “athletes.” In fact, no one thing really unifies the men on this list other than the fact that they’re guys that a) have camera crews, and b) presumably have a fair amount of time on their hands. One look at the gentlemen in this video demonstrate that you don’t have to be physical specimens, or even “awake” to participate in a trick shot video. Let this serve as inspiration. Finally, some beer pong players get some glory. Even if they don’t deserve it.

7. Alex Tanney- Monmouth

Yeah, you probably one-upped the guy that leads this list. And maybe you’re a better QB leading mighty Monmouth into battle, but the fact remains that you weren’t first and you’re production values were a little worse. So you’ll be second to Johnny Mac there. But you still put together a hell of a video, Alex. Next time, just invest the $500 that JM did in a camera crew and maybe a lighting guy. Failing that, we’ll wait for the epic showdown between Monmouth and UConn. Get excited.

6. Some Russian with a Pistol

This video is probably completely accurate and awesome. But I kind of hope that it isn’t. I hope that this Russian is forging his sharpshooter skills. If only because he is rocking a pink mirror and CGI target. It looks like a relic of the Cold War. What the hell is shooting with that yellow floating dot? Perhaps a target, but perhaps they could have put a lame CGI Betty White up there too. It works, in any event, but one look at this pistol shooter and it’s a little clear why there was a winner and a loser to the cold war.

5. Eric Yow – Billiards Superstar

Billiards stars once ruled the roost of the trick-shot video universe. They were the only guys that owned the trick-shot market and they marketed videos back in the day when there was only one ESPN. Yup, that long ago. Nowadays, their work seems almost quaint. When things get bigger and better, there remain only so many ways to make a pool table more dramatic, and the legendary masse seem impressive. Well, bless them for trying. Honestly, it’s hard to see who’s better than another in the billiard trick-shot universe, but of all the guys out there, this guy is certainly one of them.

4. Bowlers (Need I say more?)

A short bowling shot that absolutely rocks. Impeccable placement and he manages to kick a pin over a lane and have it knock off another pin. I have no idea what actual scenario in bowling would require this, but it’s pretty damn cool. Should you not think that’s cool, just pause halfway through the 13-second clip to see the reaction of some seated bowler. Priceless.

3. Zach Enyeart – Washington State

Ok, this one might be a little misguided, but it’s included on here because it is impressive and also hilarious. Inspired by the two recent QB trick shot videos, this guy thought that showing some extreme longsnapping would help him get drafted into the NFL. Unlike the QB’s, I’m not sure when a longsnapper will be needed to make a 35-yard snap with an elevation change, but here it is. For all your extreme longsnapping needs, think Zach Enyeart.
iframe title=”YouTube video player” width=”575″ height=”350″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/THklo6MDTMU” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

2. Some Frat Boy

Beer pong is the most rigorous sport in the history of the world. Not really, but these shots are pretty cool. And these would be the easiest to replicate because they involve ping pong balls and alcohol. Coolness points are deducted because the cups have water, not beer, in them. I don’t know why that bothers me, but it does. I am surprised beer pong videos haven’t become a meme, seeing as how the majority of players of beer pong are college kids with an ungodly amount of free time and a desire to be famous. Let’s get the ball rolling on this.

1. Johnny McEntee – UConn

Johnny Mac has amassed a trazillion YouTube hits (approximately) with his clinic on accuracy short and long distances, all while putting enough showmanship into the exhibition to make it actually entertaining. He isn’t even the starting QB for the Huskies, and he admits that’s probably because he spends more time hatching trick tosses than he does studying the offense. Well, at least he’s honest. This is the video against which all other trick shot clinics will be judged. In an interview, McEntee said that most shots took 5-10 attempts, except for the last one, which took over twenty attempts. If the Globetrotters ever want to break into football, you can guess who might get the first call.

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