Camera Catches Fan Smoking Joint During The Rome Derby (Video)

“Fans getting a little fired up before this one.”

That was how The Score described it during their highlight package of Roma’s 2-0 victory over Lazio on Sunday.  I probably would have gone with either, “Fans of both teams came into this one with rather high expectations,” or “Both teams were looking for an early spark,” but no matter how you want to describe it, that kid is smoking a joint in the Stadio Olimpico.  It doesn’t take a creative mind to figure that out .

That ain’t no cigarette!

Whether the cameraman knew what he was filming is anyone’s guess, but this certainly wouldn’t be the first time one of them got caught with their eye on the prize.

You can catch the fan “gettin’ a little high” at the 8 second mark of the clip.  I would also advise watching the rest of the highlights if you are a fan of red cards, face stomps (0:40 mark), laser shows (0:29 mark), and plenty of other rough stuff.

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