Cesena’s Emanuele Giaccherini Gives Us This Epic Miss (Video)

It may not be the worst missed soccer goal we have ever seen, but this failure to bury a goal on an open net by Cesena’s Emanuele Giaccherini is pretty damn close.

He probably should have capitalized on his initial shot that rang off the post, but we can forgive him for missing from several feet out with the goalkeeper charging at his feet.  What we can’t forgive, however, is missing a wide open net from inches away with no defenders or keeper in sight.

The saddest part is Cesena really could have used that goal during their 2-2 draw with Juventus on Saturday.  It is missed opportunities like that which will only help increase the chances of your club being demoted to Serie B.

Not to mention the fact that this probably isn’t the way you want to make the weekend’s highlight package.

Thanks to our boy Cooner for the find.