Dick Vitale’s Rant: VCU Over Colorado Like Picking Roseanne Barr Over Scarlett Johansson (Video)

As is the case every year when the NCAA men’s tournament bracket is released on Selection Sunday, there were plenty of teams that were given the cold shoulder by the selection committee, and just like every other year, Dick Vitale was there to stick up for them.

This year Vitale was busy defending Colorado and Virginia Tech, who were both left out of the Big Dance, despite having rather impressive resumes.  Colorado put up a solid 21-13 record, which included three wins over Kansas State, who received a No. 5 seed in the tournament, and one over Texas.  As for Virginia Tech, they finished the season with a 21-11 record, with two of those wins coming against Florida State, and one over Duke.

Vitale also vouched for St. Mary’s and Harvard, while voicing his displeasure over the selections of UAB and VCU.

So how unjust was the committee’s decision to pick UAB and VCU over Colorado and Virginia Tech?  As Vitale would describe it, it was a lot like “picking Rosanne Barr over Scarlett Johnsson in a beauty contest.”

Ouch!  I’m not sure which is more harsh: VT and Colorado’s snubs, or that comment?

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