Does Cheating On His Wife With His Best Friend’s Wife Make Tony Hawk The Worst Man Ever?

Here is a word of advice to all you men out there.  If Tony Hawk is around, you may want to hide your wife and/or girlfriend.  Unfortunately for Hawk’s former (we assume) best friend Matt Goodman, this advice was received a little too late.

Reports have recently surfaced indicating that Hawk has split with his third wife, Lhotse Merriam, to be with Goodman’s wife, Cathy.  In addition to being lifelong friends with the skateboarding legend, Matt was also Hawk’s business partner and a groomsman in all three of his weddings.  However, should Tony and Cathy decide to turn their affair into something more meaningful down the road, I wouldn’t expect Goodman to make it four-for-four.

Lhotse found out about the affair in December when she discovered a plane ticket that Hawk had purchased for Cathy so that the two of them could rendezvous in San Francisco.  Since then, both Hawk and Goodman have filed for a divorce.

Hawk and Merriam had one child together, while Matt and Cathy had been married for 20 years with two kids.

You know who must be loving this right now?  Tiger Woods.

Hat Tip – [NY Post]

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