Tiger Woods Farts On Live Television Once Again (Video)

Tiger Woods may be doing everything he can to change the image he adopted last year when it was discovered that he had been cheating on his wife, but there are some habits that he simply hasn’t been able to drop.  One of those habits is his excessive swearing on the golf course, while another is his uncontrollable flatulence.

He was busy demonstrating the latter during the Tavistock Cup this week as a camera from the Golf Network picked up the sound of Woods releasing gas prior to a Graeme McDowell tee-shot.  The fart can be heard at the 0:09 mark, at which point you can see Tiger and his caddy, Steve Williams, struggle to hold in their laughter until after McDowell’s shot.

The commentator refers to the fart as a “spectator noise,” but we all know better.  After all, you can’t tell me Tiger and Williams were laughing like that because of a “spectator noise.”

I hope David Feherty was around to hear this one.  I guess this makes the score David 1, Tiger 1.  Ball’s in your court now Feherty.

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