Chinese Man Wants To Be Heard, Smashes Lamborghini With Sledgehammer (Video)

One thing Lamborghini is know for is their ability to design a sleek, fast car.  One thing they are not known for is their customer service.

A man from Qingdao, China found that out after running into several problems following his purchase of a Lamborghini Gallardo.  His first issue was the car’s inability to start, which is never a good thing for an automobile.  In an attempt to resolve this problem, the owner had the car towed to a local dealership, but it underwent further damage while being transported there.  With no one willing to step forward and take the blame, both the damage and the starting issue were left unresolved.

Unwilling to let this problem simply slip through the cracks, the owner decided to reach out to Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann, but no response was received.  At that point, it became clear that the people at Lamborghini were not interested in taking up this issue, so the owner took matters into his own hands.

Looking to make a statement about the poor customer service at Lamborghini, he got together some men and some sledgehammers and began his public demonstration.  Nothing says poor customer service quite like ten men taking their sledgehammers to a $750,000 car.

Take that Lamborghini!

Hat Tip – [Common Red]

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