Hit-From-Behind, Coaches Fight Result In 86 Games In Suspensions (Video)

A total of 86 games in suspensions have been handed out by the Manitoba Junior Hockey League following a chaotic end to the Portage Terriers’ series-clinching victory over the Swan Valley Stampeders on Saturday.

With the Terriers leading by a score of 4-1 and only seconds remaining in the Stampeders’ season, Swan Valley forward Jesse Enns took a vicious run at one of the Portage players.  A fight ensued immediately following the brutal hit-from-behind, but it seemed as though cooler heads would prevail.  That was until the assistant coaches from both teams decided to get into it, as Dallas Anderson of the Stampeders and Jim Tkachyk of the Terriers both received 22-game suspensions for fighting in the Terriers’ bench.  Enns received 40-games for his hit-from-behind.  As for the remaining two-games in suspensions, they belong to Stampeders head coach Dwayne Kirkup for his inability to control his team at the end of the game.

We have footage of the entire incident below, and make no mistake about it folks, this has to go down as the most vicious hit-from-behind I have ever seen in my life.  It pretty much makes Sean Avery’s look like a Swedish massage.  Enns saw numbers from the blueline and put everything he had into his next ten strides before attempting to hospitalize his opponent.  Somehow, the victim was able to make it off the ice without the help of a stretcher or coffin.

Forty games?  That’s it?  Even the NHL isn’t that lenient.

Hat Tip – [TSN.ca]

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