Sexy Body-Paint Ad Angers Vancouver Whitecaps Sponsors (Video)

To sexualize, or not to sexualize?  That was the question that the MLS’s newest team, the Vancouver Whitecaps FC, were confronted with during a recent promotional campaign.

While the fans were in favor of the sexualization of the team, their sponsors were not.  Leading up to their pro league debut on March 19, the Whitecaps have released one promotional video on YouTube each day.  Most of these videos have received less than 3,000 views, but the one with the gorgeous blond being body-painted in a Whitecaps jersey has received over 85,000 views.

It is certainly no secret that sex sells, but Bell Canada, the Whitecaps major sponsor, has voiced their displeasure with the hyper-sexualized depiction of women to sell soccer tickets.

The image of Bell Canada being painted across the female’s breasts has clearly resonated with fans of the Whitecaps, but not with the team’s major sponsor.  So what do you think?  Does a gorgeous blond being body-painted sell tickets and put butts in the seats?  Should that be the main concern of this expansion MLS team?  Take a look at the video below and judge for yourself.

Hat Tip – [The Hollywood Reporter]

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