In America We Dunk Over Cars. In China They Dunk Over Giant Shoes (Video)

I am guessing that in China people tend to walk everywhere, rather than drive.  As a result, they opt to jump over giant inflatable shoes, rather than cars during their slam dunk contests.

As far as props go, this may very well be the worst I have ever seen.  A giant shoe?  Are you kidding me?  I can think of about 100 things off the top of my head that would have been better than that.  And what makes matters even worse is the fact that the shoe-jumping man, who goes by the name of Zhao Tai Long, didn’t even jump over the shoe!  Instead, he jumped beside it…for precautionary reasons, I guess.

Sure, Blake Griffin may have only jumped over the front hood of that Kia Optima, but at least he jumped over it.  Judging by the silence in the building following this poor excuse for a dunk, it seems as though the Chinese fans were just as disappointed as I am.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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