Madden ’12 Cover Bracket Illustrates How Much The Seahawks Suck (Pic)

EA Sports has taken an interesting approach towards picking their Madden ’12 cover boy this season.  Taking a page from the NCAA Tournament, they have decided to create a bracket-style tournament of their own, with one representative from each of the NFL’s 32 teams taking part for a chance to grace the cover of the popular video game.

Much like the NCAA Tournament, players from each team are ranked and will face off with another player in a single elimination tournament until only one man is left standing.  The winners are decided by the fans, who can vote at ESPN’s SportsNation.

While most of the nominees are players you would expect to see on such a list, there is one rather surprising/embarrassing/stupid entree into this tournament.  That would be Seattle’s sixth man.  That’s right!  Despite making the playoffs and winning their wild card game against the New Orleans Saints, EA Sports still couldn’t manage to find a player on the Seahawks who was worthy enough to battle for the honor of being a Madden ’12 cover boy.  Not Marshawn Lynch.  Not Leon Washington.  Not even Earl Thomas.

I can’t believe my 49ers lost to a team whose best player is a bunch of loud, drunken fans.  Perhaps the only thing sadder than that is the fact that “The 12th Man” was given a No. 10 ranking, ahead of players like Chris Johnson (11), DeMarcus Ware (14) and Darren McFadden (16).

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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