Check Out JaVale McGee’s Rediculous Block From Last Night (Video)

Last week the Washington Wizards’ JaVale McGee put together what may very well have been one of the most embarrassing triple-doubles ever recorded in the history of the NBA, but what we should remember is that it was the way he scored his final two points that made it such an embarrassing display, rather than the manner in which he accumulated his 12 blocks.

During last night’s game against the Portland Trail Blazers, McGee had only one block, but what a block it was!  It may show up as a block in the boxscore, but what McGee did to the Blazers’ Wesley Matthews appeared to be more of a mid-air steal.

Unfortunately for McGee, the NBA doesn’t keep track of such stats.  Then again, he should be thankful that they also don’t keep track of a stat for “desperate attempts to complete a triple-double.”

Here is a look at the block.

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