Ellen’s Writer Takes Part In The LeBron James Taste Test And Dance Party (Video)

If you didn’t already think LeBron James was a jerk, perhaps watching him feed black bean soup, honey mustard dressing and powdered sugar to a blindfolded woman will help change your mind.

LeBron was on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” yesterday and made a surprise appearance at an aerobics class that Ellen’s writer, Amy, was attending.  Being a fan of the Miami Heat, Amy was awestruck at the sight of the two-time NBA MVP, until he began feeding her some unappetizing beverages (if you can even call them beverages).

Each sip appeared to be more painful than the last, but thankfully LeBron and Ellen were kind enough to allow Amy to wash the horrible taste down with some VitaminWater every once in a while.

And once the disgusting taste test was complete, it was time to start dancing.

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