Delaware Woman Sits On Son’s Basketball Net To Prevent State From Taking It Away (Video)

Melissa McCafferty of Delaware may very well be among the coolest moms around (next to my own, of course).

After dropping her daughter off at school Friday morning, Melissa noticed something strange during her ride home.  In accordance with the state’s “Clear Zone” law, which prohibits trees, shrubs, hoops and other objects from being within seven feet of the edge of the pavement in subdivisions, trucks from the Delaware Department of Transportation began making their way around the neighborhood, ripping out basketball nets from the ground.

Fearing that her son’s net was next, Melissa hurried home, climbed up the pole and sat in protest, however, she would eventually lose her standoff with state troopers.

Homeowners with nets that were in violation of the code were sent letters warning them that the nets would be taken down, but they believed that any actions were still pending after writing letters to the state protesting the decision.  Apparently, that was not the case.

Here is a look at the standoff that ensued between the McCafferty’s and the state troopers.

Hat Tip – [The Consumerist]

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