Skier Gets Swept Away By Avalanche, Records Entire Incident (Video)

Chris Bilbao of Portland, Oregon recently took a trip to British Columbia to test the ski hills.  He almost didn’t return.

While zig-zagging his way down a mountain with a video camera attached to his chest, Chris had his feet swept out from under him by an oncoming avalanche.  With the snow quickly piling onto him, you can hear him yell out “Avalanche!” before being buried under the snow with his camcorder rolling.

Thankfully, the Avalanche was not large enough to completely bury Chris.  His friend arrived on the scene shortly after to record Chris’ reaction to the incident.  As you would expect, he was terrified, relieved and cold all at the same time.

Here is some amazing footage of the avalanche from Chris’ point of view.

Hat Tip – [9News]

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