Even The Dead Watch Soccer In Colombia

Just about every person with a pulse in South America seems to watch soccer religiously, and now it appears as though the dead are getting in on the act as well.

That trend began in Colombia on Sunday when fans of Cucuta Deportivo brought the body and coffin of 17-year-old Christopher Jacome to the General Santander Stadium to watch their team take on Envigado.  Christopher was a loyal fan of Cucuta and was a member of their fan club, “Barra del Indio.”  He was shot several times while playing soccer in a local park on Saturday, and following his wake on Sunday, friends from the “Barra del Indio” took the cadaver from the funeral home and paraded it into the stadium so that he could watch his club play one last time.

In case you were wondering, dead people and coffins are not permitted in the General Santander Stadium.  As a result, officials are expected to hold a meeting to find out how Christopher’s body was allowed to enter the stadium, and whether any punishment will be levied against those at fault.

Hat Tip – [Colombia Reports]

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