Steve Spurrier Faked His Arrest To Prove A Point (Video)

Following Friday’s team practice, South Carolina Gamecocks coach Steve Spurier wanted to prove a point that just because defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, the nation’s top-ranked prospect from the 2011 recruiting class, was handcuffed and detained Friday morning by Columbia police officers, it does not mean he did anything wrong.

Clowney matched the description of a robbery suspect in the area, but after being detained and questioned, the officers realized he wasn’t the burglar and released him shortly after.  As for Spurrier, he didn’t do anything wrong either.  Instead, he had arranged for an officer to cuff him during his post-practice interviews in order to prove that being handcuffed and detained does not prove guilt, therefore, the media should move on from the Clowney incident.

So what did we actually learn from all of this?  Perhaps Spurrier should stick to devising offensive schemes, rather than schemes aimed to teach us lessons about life and the judicial system.

Hat Tip – [AJC]

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