Texas High School Hockey Championship Game Overshadowed By Brawl (Video)

Although Keller High School was able to capture the state championship with an impressive 9-3 win over Arlington Martin on Sunday, their post-game performance was anything but impressive.  The same can be said for their opponents, as the two teams engaged in a nasty brawl following the final whistle that has left one player with a broken jaw and a severe concussion.

With a fight already taking place in the corner, Keller’s Travis Hall stood by and watched before being the victim of a blindside hit from Arlington Martin’s Jeff SoRelle, who had left the penalty box in order to deliver the cheap shot.  Luckily for Hall, SoRelle did not hit him squarely, but that wouldn’t mean the Arlington senior wouldn’t pay the price for his dirty hit.

While squaring off with another member of the opposition, SoRelle was sucker-punched by Keller’s Braxton Mills, leaving him unconscious on the ice with a broken jaw, which he is expected to have wired shut later this week.

A hearing is set to take place in April to determine whether any suspensions will be handed out, but with both of the perpetrators, SoRelle and Mills, being seniors, it will be difficult for the league to send a strong message to those involved in this melee.

However, I am fairly certain that SoRelle has already got that message loud and clear, even if he wont be able to say so himself for the next couple of months.

Here is a look at the incident.

Hat Tip – [WFAA]

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