The Most Insane Base Jump Ever! (Video)

Those who play sports such as hockey, basketball and football will tell you that theirs is a game of inches.  That much is true, as an inch can often mean the difference between winning and losing.

Base jumping can also be defined as a game of inches, although, in their case an inch can often mean the difference between life and death.

Never before has that been more evident than in the following video, which we bring to you courtesy of the Norwegian television show, “Oppdrag Sognefjorden” (or “Mission Sognefjord” in English).  On this day, their mission at Sognefjord, which is the largest fjord in Norway and second largest in the world, was to base jump down the fjord, only inches away from both the ground and their friends seated at the edge of the cliff.

I’m not quite sure who should be more terrified in this case.  The jumpers, or the bystanders looking on?

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