15 Hottest MLB Babes

Baseball is rarely regarded as a “sexy” sport. That’s probably due to its close associations with both Kevin Costner and chewing tobacco. But it’s a bum rap, regardless. There are hot MLB fans and fan bases, no doubt, but it’s hardly a universal phenomenon. For instance, would you believe that out of the below entries, the Cubs have six five girls representing? Or that the AL only has 3 out of 16 entries here? You want to talk about parity? There isn’t any when it comes to MLB hotties. There is a concentration of power that even Bud Selig would admit is bad for the sport. Those poor Brewers. Not only did they not get a girl to make the list, but they didn’t even have a girl turn up in my Internet searches. Can we get a hot-girl expansion draft for the smaller markets?
15. Cubs
This list could end up making the Cubs like the Red Sox, where they quickly go from scrappy underdog to insufferable juggernaut. I’ve dealt with cocky Chicago fans during the MJ era, and I can’t say it’s a pleasure.
14. Phillies
The National League reign of terror is in full swing. There is no sense in fighting it. If you’re a Cleveland or Seattle fan, please allow me to show you the door. There are no designated hitters allowed on this list. Ok, maybe a couple. But not many.
13. Dodgers
See what I mean? No DH’s. Harold Baines wouldn’t have lasted a second among this bunch. He’d be chewing sunflower seeds.
12. Phillies
I’m seeing triple! Nine hot Phillies fans!
11. Cubs
I’ve been to a lot of baseball games (too many, actually) and I’ve never seen anyone remotely resembling this girl. Granted, I’ve never been to Wrigley field. I’ve mostly been to the Ballpack in Arlington which houses women that look like, well, ballparks.
10. They’re from Chicago and they’re not the White Sox
Marissa Miller is a Cubs fan? I’m going out and buying a Cubs hat today. I’m running, not walking to that store.
9. Uh, Cubs
Full disclosure: I’m not sure this chick is an actual fan. She looks more like a model that’s dressed up in Cubs gear (or painted up) for some other purpose. Still, the Cubs got her and your team didn’t. I think most of their payroll goes to models and Marissa Miller.
8. Phillies
I’m not entirely sure those trousers would offer much in the way of protection should she have to slide into second.
7. Red Sox
She went out like this, apparently. She is one of two women in Boston that can pull off that outfit. Right out of frame every man in the city of Boston is fighting over the privilege of buying her a drink.
6. C-U-B-S
I’m not entirely sure what this stance is all about. It looks wildly uncomfortable. But they went for realism here, as they even went for the spikes, so who are we to question them?
5. Orioles
Ok. I actually saw this image with like 10 different hats Photoshopped on this chick. I went with the Orioles version, because, after “The Wire,” Baltimore could use the boost.
4. Giants
In the land of hot girls, this chick is a GIANT.
3. Mets
She’s not going to worry about pulling a muscle because of all this vigorous stretching.
2. Those Damn Yankees
She looks way better in pinstripes than Yogi Berra did.
1. Giants

Fun fact: all Giants fans are underfed vegan hippies that are totally hot. ALL of them.