LeBron James Ducked Out On The Boos During Player Intros Last Night (Video)

LeBron James has had a tough time avoiding the boo-birds in arenas across the NBA ever since he made the move to Miami during the off-season.  Nowhere can the boos be heard louder than in Cleveland, the city that James left behind for South Beach, but prior to last night’s game against the Cavaliers, LeBron dodged the catcalls during player introductions by remaining in the dressing room.

So was this a sign of weakness from James, or a smart tactic to ensure that the Cavaliers fans at the Quicken Loans Arena would not have the satisfaction of booing their former franchise player?

Whatever the case may be, you can bet that following the game James was probably thinking he should have ducked out on that embarrassing 102-90 loss to the Cavs as well.

Check out LeQuitter quitting on the player intros below.

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