375-Pound Mako Shark Jumps Into Fisherman’s Boat (Video)

We have discussed a few shark catches on our site before, but none were easier than Jason Kresse’s 375-pound catch in the Gulf of Mexico Monday morning.

He, along with two crew members were dumping fish guts into the water at 3:45 am when something suddenly came crashing into their 25-foot boat.  That something was a Mako shark, which landed in the back of their boat and thrashed around for several hours before finally dying.

The shark is currently on display at a Freeport seafood business, approximately 55 miles south of Houston.  Jason plans to have it mounted.

As for all of you tree-huggers out there who are wondering why Jason and his crew members didn’t throw the fish back in the water and let it live, I ask you this: Would you get close to a giant Mako as it thrashes around your boat with its mouth open?  There is your answer.

Here is an interview with Jason regarding his big/lucky catch.

Hat Tip – [Aol News]

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