Dominique Wilkins Was Attacked By An Ex-Ref Last Night (Fight Video)

The Atlanta Hawks’ players weren’t the only ones putting up a strong fight at Philips Arena last night.  Hall of Famer and Hawks color analyst Dominique Wilkins was also doing some fighting of his own, although his opponent would be ex-referee Rashan S. Michel, rather than the Orlando Magic.

Michel stuck around following the Hawks’ 85-82 victory so that he could confront Wilkins regarding his custom clothing shop, which he claims was still owed $12,500 for suits purchased by Wilkins several years ago.  Dominique was on the court providing a post-game analysis when Michel came down from the stands and began yelling at him.  Wilkins attempted to avoid the confrontation, but he and a security guard were eventually assaulted by Michel, who received a black-eye from “The Human Highlight Reel” before being arrested and taken to jail.

Michel was charged with two counts of simple battery, both misdemeanor charges.  He was released Tuesday morning on $1000 bond and has since claimed that Wilkins struck him first, and that he intends to sue both the Atlanta Hawks and Dominique.

Here is a look at what we believe to be the later portion of the confrontation, when Michel receives that black eye he is sporting in his mugshot above.  Just so you know, that arrow is pointing at Wilkins.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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