Does Lobbing A Ball At A Crying Baby Make David Ferrer The Biggest Jerk In Tennis? (Video)

Tennis players can be so uptight at times, complaining to the umpires about even the slightest bit of noise or irregular movement during their shots.  Spain’s David Ferrer took that issue to new heights during his match against Mardy Fish at the Sony Ericcson Open on Wednesday when he lobbed a ball towards a crying baby in the stands.

Ferrer had been struggling throughout the match, and he appeared to hit his boiling point during the third game of the second set.  After losing a point and giving Fish the opportunity to break his serve, Ferrer shot a ball into the stands in an attempt to illustrate his displeasure with the noisy child.  Luckily, the ball would not land near the baby, who eventually stopped crying.

Ferrer would end up losing the match, blaming his poor play on indigestion, rather than the crying baby.  Perhaps he should have shot the ball at his stomach if it was creating such a distraction for him.

Hey Ferrer!  The jerk store called.  They said they’re running out of you!

Hat Tip – [Barstool Sports]

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