Jacob Tucker’s 50-Inch Vertical Won Him The NCAA Dunk Contest (Video)

If white men really can’t jump, then Jacob Tucker must be the lightest black man on the planet, because the dude has got some mad hops.

Weeks ago we lobbied for Tucker to be included in the NCAA’s Dunk Contest, despite playing D-III ball at Illinois College.  He got the invite, and last night he proved himself worthy, winning the competition in stunning fashion.  It was almost as if he was playing the part of the VCU Rams – smallest contestant who barely got in goes on to take the title.

At 5’10, Tucker made dunks that 6’10 guys would have trouble with look easy.  It was perhaps the greatest display of dunking we have seen all year, NBA included.  His 50-inch vertical is something you have to see to believe.  You can watch it win him the contest below.

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