Is This The Greatest Accidental Soccer Goal Ever? (Video)

Referred to by many as the beautiful game, soccer appears to be just that in most cases, but then there are those times when the beauty of the game gives way to a rather ugly/embarrassing moment.  This clip would be one of those times.

This monstrosity of a goal begins when a player on the defending team trips over the ball, leaving an attacking player on the blue team with a clear path to the net.  But rather than finishing off the goal in a simple manner, the attacker becomes the second player to trip over the ball in a matter of seconds.  The only difference this time was that his mishap couldn’t have worked out any better for himself and his team, as he sent the ball into the air and across the goal line, while his body was sent crashing to the ground.

Judging by what appears to be a lack of skill on the goalscorer’s behalf, I am going to assume that a fluky bounce was the only way he was going to capitalize on his opportunity.

Hat Tip reader Dick

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