Chris Rock Does A Number On The Mets On The Late Show (Video)

Late last week Chris Rock appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman, and when the two began talking about opening day in the MLB, the conversation quickly turned into a two-minute anti-Mets comedy skit from Chris.

Making constant references to the Mets’ financial troubles, Chris Rock fired insult after insult at what he deemed to be a broke franchise.  “The Yankees have bat day, and the Mets have bring a bat day.”  “Between every inning they have to use the other team’s gloves.”  Those were just a few of the many jokes that Chris had to offer.

And somewhere in there he found the opportunity to slip in a joke about it being so cold that the New York prostitutes are giving “snow-jobs,” rather than….well, you get the idea.

Here is a look at Chris Rock’s appearance on The Late Show.

Hat Tip – [Barstool Philly]

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