19 Hottest Female Soccer Players

UPDATE: This is going to come as a shock, but there are still more hot female soccer players out there on the field, kicking balls, scoring goals, and just making us all fall in love with them. So, in order to keep up with increasing demand, we’re going to add a couple more to this list, hopefully with the aim of ultimately gathering a comprehensive compendium of hot soccer players by the year, oh, 2999 or so. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Soccer players just keep getting hotter in the last couple years, so we’ve got to update our files in order to keep up with the increased stats. So when you check out this slideshow with the hottest female soccer players of all time, you’ll notice a couple of bonus slides in there with the others. Don’t worry, they’re there at no additional charge, so you don’t have to worry about “EXTRA HOT FEMALE SOCCER PLAYERS” showing up on your credit card statement next month. Not from this website, anyway.

Everyone played soccer at some point in their lives. But not everyone, and likely very few sports fans today, ever played it as hotly as these women have. What’s it mean to “play hotly?” Well, you gotta be a soccer player AND be hot at the same time. It’s not for everyone, but the following young ladies do it and do it well. Huzzah and kudos, lasses.

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