Check Out The Rear On Reggie Bush’s New Woman, Claudia (Video)

Reggie Bush has put together quite the line-up of women during his time in the NFL.  Among those he has bedded are Kim Kardashian, country singer Jesse James, and Latin model Carmen Ortega.  You can now add Taz’s Angel, Claudia, and her wonderful rear end to that list.

Several pictures have surfaced with Reggie and Claudia enjoying each other’s company, and if you are thinking to yourself, “how can Reggie Bush be happy with any woman after Kim Kardashian,” one look at Claudia modeling her Blaque Caviar panties and hand bra in the video below will quickly answer that question.

Here is a look at what Bush will be enjoying during the off-season.

(If panties and hand-bras are NSFW in your workplace, then you may want to wait until you get home before watching this.)

Hat Tip – [Bossip]

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