Kronum Looks Like A Pretty Cool Sport (Video)

I have never heard of Kronum before, but judging by the video below, it appears to combine the skills of various sports, such as rugby, soccer, basketball and handball, into one wild, action-packed game.

After watching the highlight video, which urges viewers to “join the Kronum revolution,” I went searching for some answer and found the following.  This should help you get a better understanding of what exactly is going on in the clip below.

What is Kronum?

Kronum combines traditional sporting ideas such as goals, teams, and courts with new-age ideas such as the use of avatars for fans, and fantasy-style drafting of players. Kronum is purported to allow fan control by having fans trade and draft players to various leagues through the use of internet avatars.

How is Kronum Played?

Kronum is played in a circular grass court, which is divided into “zones”. On the perimeter of the court are four evenly spaced “goals”. Two teams play Kronum at a time, and each team protects all four goals when not in possession of the ball. The team in possession of the ball can score on any of the four goals found on the perimeter. Possession is obtained by capturing the ball, and taking it to a circle found in the center of the court.

Points are scored in Kronum by achieving a goal from varying zones. Much like basketball; which has three-pointers, two-pointers, and one-pointers, point values of goals are determined by the distance and difficulty of the zone from which the goal was scored.

This point structure results in four, three, two, and one point goals.

The goals consist of two distinctly different scoring regions. The lower goal consists of a net region similar to a narrow soccer goal. Scoring in this region is determined by the value of the zone scored from (1, 2, 3, 4). Above the net is a second region, which consists of five rings. Scoring in one of these rings results in a doubling of points in the zone thrown from. A point scored through a ring from zone four would therefore result in eight points. Games tend to range from 60 points to 120 points.

Seems simple enough.  For more rules, including positions involved, you can go here.  Otherwise, take a look below and see if you are ready to join the Kronum Revolution.

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