Watch Tom Brady Cry (Literally) About Being Drafted In The Sixth Round (Video)

I own Tom Brady on one of my keeper league fantasy football teams, and he has done nothing but provide me with brilliant performance after brilliant performance over the past couple of years.  So should this video make me think about trading the Patriots quarterback?  After all, who wants a cry baby on their team?  Especially when that cry-baby is occupying the most important position on your roster!

It’s no wonder Gisele is going around kissing other men these days!

The worst part about this is that when I finally decide whether I should test the market with Brady and dangle him out their to the other owners like a carrot on a stick, they all will have likely seen this video already, causing his value to drop significantly.

After all, 10 seconds of crying is enough to make most men forget about your 3900 passing yards and 36 touchdowns.

Hat Tip – [Barstool Sports]

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