Is This 70-Meter Basketball Shot The Highest Ever Made? (Video)

Last month we showed you footage of some young males throwing a 120 yard hole-in-one on a golf course.  Originally I had figured it was nothing more than a bunch of guys with a new video camera and plenty of time on their hands simply trying to become the latest viral sensation on YouTube, but I have now learned that there is so much more to this story.

Yesterday we received the following e-mail from Brett:


Thought i’d share a link i think you will love –
It’s a video of what I think is the highest basketball shot ever made! From the top of a 70m Light Tower at the WACA Ground in Perth, Western Australia.

If you’ve never seen any of our stuff before go to and have a look. We do basketball shots to raise awareness for the organization Compassion which releases children from extreme poverty – not just for a laugh (although we do get considerable joy out of it haha!) and I think you featured our Hole in 1 Golf Throw on your site too.

Hope you enjoy the youtube vid!


Having fun making crazy trick-shot videos to raise awareness for an organization that releases children from extreme poverty?  I’m impressed, not only with their shot-making ability, but also with their generosity and their acknowledgment of such an important issue.  Keep up the good work Compassion!

Here is a look at their latest trick-shot – a heave off a 70-meter light tower at the WACA Ground in Perth, Western Australia, which may actually be a world record.

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