Sacramento Kings Broadcasters Get Choked Up Following Final Game (Video)

With the Maloofs and the NBA unable to put together enough money or support to build a new arena in Sacramento, the future of the Kings franchise will enter the off-season with plenty of uncertainty.  As a result, Kings broadcasters Grant Napear and Jerry Reynolds spoke about the likelihood that last night’s home game against the Los Angeles Lakers would be the city’s last.  That was enough to get both Grant and Jerry choked up about the move, which will end a 25 year relationship between the people of Sacramento and their beloved Kings.

The Kings are expected to move to Anaheim, where they will play out of the Honda Center, and they may even have their name changed to the Royals (so that people don’t confuse them with the Los Angeles Kings), but at this point nothing is certain regarding their future.

One thing that we do know, however, is that it was a sad day for Grant, Jerry, and the rest of the fans in Sacramento.  Here is a look at the emotional scene as they signed off one last time.

Hat Tip – [News10]